About Offshore Wind

Offshore energy will have a large part to play if the world is to enjoy a sustainable future.

Whether it be through utilising oil and gas reserves, or exploiting the abundant potential of renewables, power generated in the seas will help many countries to exercise control over their energy supplies.

For budding professionals the future of the offshore sector is an exciting one, with tremendous scope for innovation. As techniques mature and technologies evolve, offshore industries will continue to improve performance and diversify. The DECC indicate that the development of offshore wind has the potential to provide the UK with an estimated up to 70,000 jobs and £8bn in annual revenues.

Wind: Pushing from the front

The UK has been a global leader in offshore wind since 2008, and has as much installed capacity as the rest of the world combined (4,042MW). The 1,183 turbines in operation off the British coastline are currently generating enough electricity to power around two million homes.

The industry forecasts that capacity will rise to 10GW by 2020, which will account for between eight and 10 percent of the country’s electricity, enough to power around 5 million homes. This is in line with the UK government targets of achieving 15% of electricity consumption through renewable sources by 2020. Elsewhere across Europe in the likes of Germany and the Netherlands, offshore wind projects are also gaining traction.

Other notable offshore renewable energy sources making an impact in the UK and elsewhere is wave and tidal. As with wind power, the UK is the global leader in developing these modes of power generation.

Making the most of oil & gas

Whilst offshore renewable energy sources are coming into their own, the offshore oil & gas industries continue to prosper, with rigs continuing to be constructed worldwide. Europe’s share of total global expenditure in offshore oil and gas will pass 20 percent in 2015, which would represent a growth of more than 40 percent, highlighting the ever growing nature of this sector.

As these industries grow the environments become increasingly challenging and, as such, the skills required are ever more advanced. Offshore Marine Academy is committed to delivering the knowledge required to succeed in this competitive field.

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