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Offshore Client Representative

The aim of a client representative is to oversee the offshore work being carried out on behalf of a client by contractors or their sub-contractors. It is a significant role that if carried out correctly can be instrumental in the efficient running and successful delivery of a project.

This training course is for anyone who wishes to understand the role and operate effectively as a client representative. The training is relevant to those with significant operational experience who now want to move into the client representative role or for those who have less experience but are aiming to fill the client representative role at a later date.

The training deals only with requirements of the client representative role, to be effective in the role the representative must have a sound operational knowledge of the work being overseen and this could cover a range of operational activities.

In order to complete this training a basic level of operational experience would be recommended in order to relate the duties of the role to real situations. The training course will define the roles and expectations of a successful client representative. This will then be developed to explore the personal attributes that will be required to carry out the role and will refer to the competences defined by IMCA...

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The different aspects of the role will then be further explored using relevant examples and experiences and will include:

  • Reporting requirements procedures and formats
    • Formal and informal methods of communication
    • Communication with all interested parties
  • The different phases within a project and the role of the client representative at each stage
    • Mobilisation
    • Offshore
    • Project Close out
  • Personal Requirements
    • Dealing with aggression
    • Building relationships
    • Projecting the correct image
    • Assertiveness
  • Contract Law
    • Contractual implications and responsibilities
    • Results from actions
    • Contractual relationships
  • Project Documentation
    • Company Procedures - Onshore and Offshore
    • Risk register
    • Incident Reports
    • Event Logs
  • Health and Safety
    • Safe working practices
    • Risk assessment and reporting
    • Incident reporting

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