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Understanding Subsea Power Cables

This course is designed to provide an understanding of the use and application of subsea power cables.  It provides information and knowledge on all aspects, from the early developments to the modern cables used today.  The course also covers the various tools and techniques used throughout the operational stages, from storage through to laying and protection on the seabed, each of these are explained using real examples and scenarios.

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The course begins with a look at the history and development of subsea power cables, exploring the development of installation techniques, problems and faults encountered, and the legal and environmental considerations.


A short briefing on the role of the fibre optic cables in the wider subsea power cable industry is followed by a more detailed look at the power cable. Covering all aspects throughout their life cycle, including the specific issues and challenges encountered at each stage, this includes:


  • Maintaining product integrity at all stages, specifications data and tolerances
  • Cable storage and management onshore
  • Cable handling machinery and equipment
  • Load out procedures and techniques
  • Cable testing and monitoring at all stages of the process
  • Jointing techniques and equipment
  • Cable transportation handling and storage offshore
  • Cable lay vessels, barges and equipment and the techniques used
  • Fault identification locating and repair
  • Issues associated with repairs and rectification
  • Burial and other protection techniques

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