Renewables take centre stage

Renewables take centre stage

Renewables take centre stage

by: Antony Lewis / on: Tuesday, March 31, 2015 / categories: All News

It is unlikely we have yet fully witnessed the effects of the global oil and gas slump, which has seen the cancellation of a number of offshore projects as well as some industry giants announcing job cuts.

By stark contrast, it is reassuring to see that offshore renewables industries are slowly building momentum after a lull due to political uncertainty across Europe. Not only is the Humberside renewables hub growing rapidly, with a number of key players taking up real estate in the area, but the British Government has awarded the first round of projects under the new CfD programme and even pledged a commitment to support innovative tidal lagoon projects during this month’s Budget announcement.

Here at OMA, we provide a range of courses tailored to train employees with the complex skills required to work effectively in offshore renewables. In these times of change and with greater pressure on personnel to deliver bespoke projects within tight budgets, there’s no better time for senior personnel to be prepared. With multi-contracting and multifaceted EPC contracts now becoming a norm, it is critical that individuals with responsibilities in the commercial field understand the intricacies involved.

Our four key commercial courses cover practical contracting and dispute resolution, selection processes and power purchase agreements, amongst other key contracting practices.

The outlook is positive for the offshore renewables industry and we understand that supporting this recovery is critical in the face of a number of technical and financial difficulties, mainly around environmental complexities. We offer a range of commercially focused courses, led by experienced personnel with hands-on experience in the field.

Our team is passionate about supporting individuals while ensuring the industry itself runs optimally. With investment already being curtailed in the billion dollar oil and gas industry, it’s time to invest in developing either your own or your workforce’s skills to demonstrate your abilities and sound judgement when making senior decisions.

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