Introduction to Offshore Renewable Energy



This programme is aimed at those who are new to the offshore renewable energy industry or need to expand their overall knowledge and understanding across all of the areas. It will be particularly useful to those who employed in the offshore industry in a non-engineering role but need to have an understanding of the relevant terms and technologies (for example, those employed in functions such as Finance, Marketing, HR, Procurement, Business Development, Commercial ).

It will also provide a very positive grounding for those who may have engineering experience and responsibilities but are new to the offshore industry, including graduates.

Training Facility

The programme is predominately presentation. However it will be highly visual with video, diagrams and anecdotes. Delivery style will be light and avoid getting bogged down in technical detail.

Delegates will leave the course with copies of all the slides. They will have the opportunity to take whatever notes are required during the course.


  • The history of offshore wind and its development starting from the onshore side;
  • Green targets in the UK and how they impact the development of wind farms;
  • The Government stance towards renewable energy; the low carbon agenda and the impact on the industry in the UK;
  • Renewable obligations and how they are used within the industry;
  • The Crown Estate and the role it plays;
  • Rounds 1, 2 and 3 and lessons learnt and how these have been carried forward into future developments;
  • Relevant representative bodies and their roles within the industry;
  • The consenting process and the requirements for information collection;
  • The role of subsea survey througout wind farm development;
  • The key components of a wind farm including the turbine, cables and all other plant;
  • Installation techniques and processes including the use of ROVs, ploughs, trenchers, cutters, barges etc;
  • Cable protection installation and connection;
  • Grid connections and the rold of the OFTOs;
  • Operations and maintenance and the challenges faced for the future;
  • Wave and tidal and current developments.


This training will be delivered over one day.

Category Code Course Name Days Cost
Marine Courses MAR-0003 Guard Vessel Skipper 1 £475 Book
Marine Courses MAR-0004 Introduction to Offshore Renewable Energy 1 £420 Book
Marine Courses MAR-0008 Cable Engine Driver 1 £343 Book
Marine Courses MAR-0009 Offshore Welding & Grinding 2 £295 Book
Marine Courses EP-0001 Cable Engine Driver Industry Entry Programme 2 £580 Book
Marine Courses EP-0002 Wind Turbine Technician Industry Entry Programme 5 £1170 Book
Marine Courses EP-0004 Deckhand Industry Entry Programme 5 £800 Book
Marine Courses EP-0005 Rigger Industry Entry Programme 4 £992 Book
Marine Courses MAR-0010 Safe Practices & Emergency procedures on-board vessels 1 £275 Book
Marine Courses ST-0001 RenewableUK Work at Height and Rescue 2 £370 Book
Marine Courses ST-0002 Confined Space Training (Low Risk) 1 £175 Book
Marine Courses ST 0003 Confined Space Training (Medium Risk) 2 £350 Book
Marine Courses ST-0008 OPITO approved Further Offshore and Emergency with modules to include temporary contracts in Norwegian waters (EURO Refresher) 1 £580 Book
Marine Courses ST 0004 OPITO approved Further Offshore and Emergency Training (FOET) 1 £535 Book
Marine Courses ST-0004 BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training) 3 £800 Book
Marine Courses ST-0005 Electical Safety Awareness 1 £160 Book
Marine Courses ST-0006 Work at Height (non turbine) 1 £160 Book
Marine Courses ST-0007 Introduction to Wind Turbines, Logistics and Project Management 5 £TBC Book