Industry-led offshore wind training courses

Industry-led offshore wind training courses

The rapid growth of the UK offshore renewables sector means that the skills we teach are more in demand than ever before. And demand is only going to accelerate in the years to come.

Whether you're an individual looking to widen your career horizons, or a contractor looking to add to your workforce's skills, our tailor-made courses are designed with you in mind. Graduates from our offshore training programs return to work more skilled, more confident and with a greater sense of achievement.

All our offshore marine courses are designed to meet the needs of this fast-growing industry, and are always taught by seasoned experts with first-hand knowledge and experience. In short, if we teach it, it's in demand.

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Practical Contracting and Offshore Installation Management
2 December 2014

Practical Contracting and Offshore Installation Management

Introduction Participation in this course will provide delegates with an overview of the complexitie [ .. ]

8 December 2014

Subsea cable laying

This training provides an understanding of the subsea cable laying process staring from the cable st [ .. ]

15 December 2014

Subsea Cables Fault Finding and Repairs

This training provides information on the processes and techniques involved with the location and re [ .. ]

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